Ward-with-Kit-and-KittyThe light side of life, the art of pleasant memories and daydreams. There is an element of story or a mood behind every work. I do the stuff that makes it worth getting up in the morning and living.

W.C. Fielstra is my pen name as the creator of  Kit and Kitty. Krkoska is a notably challenging surname for working in the English speaking world, thus the need for my pen name. I came up with Kit and Kitty shortly after I took up drawing in the mid 1980’s. Kit and Kitty are a matched set of fools who cannot get enough of each other. They are as timeless as couples falling in love, and are the ideal vehicle for expressing all those special feelings that come with our most powerful emotion.

Endless Possibilities (Pastel)
Pastel inspired by my Boykin Spaniel’s first hunting trip

I have studied long and hard the issues and complexities of the world. I spent several years in Europe with the USAF, did a couple of research projects in Africa, and then went about putting acoustic recording gear into and out of the oceans surrounding all sides of North America. Amidst this, I finished off a B.A. in Geography, along with two masters, one in international affairs from Troy State, and another in public policy from Cornell University. At one point in my life, I had personal possessions spread across three continents.  Since then, I have reconsolidated back, where I started, in the pacific northwest.  With oceans forests, mountains, deserts, and big cities within a few hundred miles of each other, it is the perfect place for finding almost any artistic inspiration.  I feel fortunate to live in Washington State with my supportive wife, and capable Boykin Spaniel, all at the service of our finicky feline. Amidst the splendor of the Pacific Northwest, I spend much of my time creating lovable furry characters.

By and large, I learned about color and it’s handling on my own. I like the boldness of color application that is so much of the experience with using gouache, pastel and acrylic. They are bold mediums, and can even handle the rendering of subtle details, the big questions in any composition being the decision of what to leave out versus what to keep. Underpainting and layering of colors provide the necessary contrast to emphasis brilliance of the colors possible in the media.

I’ve seen and thought a lot about the worlds ills, but whenever I pick up a pencil, pen, or paintbrush, the joy of being alive, of experiencing all the universe has to offer, is what comes off the tip of the creative implements I use. My art has always been a place for dreaming and reworking memories. Problems are always in the background, but life goes on with all its beauty in the everyday all around us for almost everyone almost everywhere. When not, that world of the pleasant is still where most of us want to be and that’s what I put into my decorative art that attempts to convey a sense of joy everywhere, places where the future is always positive and a sentimental moment only a glance away.

Ward Krkoska
Pen name:  W.C. Fielstra