Who has created Kit and Kitty?

W.C. Fielstra is the pen name adopted by Ward C. Krkoska to create Kit and Kitty and other furry characters with heart. Ward is a guy with a rather diverse career and education who is returning to his first love of the visual arts. Kit and Kitty in Love is his first publication with other projects now in work.

What inspired Kit and Kitty?

I adored the cosy treatment of anthropomorphic romance in Disney’s Robin Hood and The Rescuers and this kindled an interest in drawing and going to the CalArts animation program. My life went in other directions, and I never went to CalArts, but I continued to develop my own cast of stories and characters. Kit and Kitty became a vehicle for expressing the tender emotions of an unencumbered, over the top romance between two human like foxes that were a lot of fun to draw in an overall happy universe where little of anything really bad ever happens.

CC20130109A Kiss every inchWhy sex and the cartoon fox?

Kit and Kitty are all about everything happy and positive in romantic love, and that by definition includes sexual desire for each other.  Kit and Kitty’s relationship is a well rounded healthy one, and includes the mutually willing and caring fulfillment of that desire with healthy doses of joyous, passionate, sensual, and playful lovemaking.  This too perfect couple cannot get enough of each other and are not the least bit shy about sharing all that joy they possibly can with one another. Happiness is a package deal, and I don’t hide or awkwardly dance around this core defining aspect of romantic love between a man and woman – or in this case a fox and vixen. It’s far from the only thing important in romantic love but its a big part of it, and so has its place in the complete love story of Kit and Kitty.

Picture BookWhy the colorful look of Kit and Kitty?

It is a celebration of love – absolute, over the top, unencumbered, complete, committed and total forevermore.  That is the fundamental premise of Kit and Kitty. They’re the impossibly perfect couple, it’s all about the positive, the sweet, and the passionate – the stuff that provides a warm glow, a happy tear, and a lump in the throat. That’s why the whole setup is characterized in a brilliantly colored joyous world of cute appealing animal cartoon characters, that safely parodies our own but where not much of anything really bad ever happens.  Kit and Kitty are supposed to be a complete fanciful serving of happiness, and includes everything from tiny everyday tidbits of touching sweetness to earth moving, life altering, surges of desire.

How old are Kit and Kitty?

6x4Etsy20121018A-Never-stop-asking-for-a-dateThe love of Kit and Kitty is a life long one and they appear as kids, adults, and elders in the book, most notably in the first image of Kit asking Kitty for a date at moments spread throughout their lives. Kit and Kitty share most of their lives together and go though most all of its major phases together. The focus of this first book is on their contemporary era love life and so most of the drawings in this first book are of them as young adults to early middle age. Kit and Kitty are foxy characterizations of fundamentally human characters. Their animal world is a generally positive characterization of our human one, and many elements of our culture populate theirs. Sometimes Kit and Kitty will even appear in other places in history – usually when they are acting in plays or dreaming. The emotions they convey are timeless as love. As to their ages and associated changing expectation, let’s say that they follow the course of a normal human lifetime.

Are they married? What is their facebook status?

Kit and Kitty are more about the feeling and evolution of love, less about its social context. I have left complicating issues of relatives, families, and social landmarks, like marriage, out of the theme of this first book. Romantic love, at its core, is something that can transpire in many modern contexts. What is true of Kit and Kitty is their absolute devotion and complete commitment to each other. This is a couple in a state of unconditional love and it seems rather natural that any affair so profound sooner or later would end up in making a commitment like marriage.

What do they do for a living?

Ultimately they make a living as an artist couple, Kit doing freelance projects and Kitty becoming his life long model, assistant, and manager. They make a decent middle class living. They have enough for a modest home and a tiny car. Occasional travel takes up most of their expendable income and this is mostly related to Kit’s career as an artist.

How come they can afford to travel to Europe?

Simple opportunity knocking, in which Kit finds success working in Europe as an artist for an extended spell – one of those artist in residence programs. This, and the couple’s other travels, meld well with his geographically flexible self employed career choice.

What did they study?

Kit studied painting and the visual arts in general, Kitty started in drama but ended up with a degree in statistics. She works for a while at a notably dull investment firm but eventually leaves with Kit. Their combo of qualities seems to work out well together.

Is there a free comic for Kit and Kitty?

Home-Page-PorchNot a free comic, but some unedited teaser content from their forthcoming graphic novel is available for free on this site. No editor has looked over with a fine tooth comb.  It is only for pure enjoyment at this time and not for nitpicking.

I have developed some stories that could become the basis for a future serial comic, but most of these ideas were really imagined with full animation in mind. Using Disney inspiration, I designed these characters for old fashioned full color 2D animation and to accomplish that in volume, in any reasonable time frame, would demand a lot of skilled hands. Pulling off Kit and Kitty as a new fangled computerized Flash style animation project would require significant character and setting redesign. I did the book as it appears as a stand alone artwork, taking advantage of color, value, and the organic feel that flows from putting real paint on paper. The power, physicality, and delicacy of paint explains the emotional rational behind the look of Kit and Kitty in Love.

What kind of foxes are Kit and Kitty?

They are Kit foxes, little cute and fuzzy inhabitants of the American Southwestern deserts and plains – although this humanized couple seem to have a notable affinity with the sea coast. I chose the kit fox as a model for these characters for a combination of real life cuteness and the apparent fact that the mated pairs of these little foxes can be quite faithful and devoted to one another throughout their lives, apparently often staying true until death do they part.

Can I use the images for fair use?

All artwork including the Kit and Kitty concept and Life Outside Fine Art is copyright of Ward C. Krkoska. Please do not copy or redistribute the contents of these pages. Media inquiries are welcome. Please contact us to arrange fair use of the artwork.