For when you fall heads over tails in love.

A celebration of love – absolute, over the top, unencumbered, complete, committed and total forevermore.  That is the fundamental premise of Kit and Kitty.  They’re the impossibly perfect couple who are positive, sweet, and endearing – the stuff that provides a cosy glow, a happy tear, and a lump in the throat. That’s why the whole setup is characterized in a brilliantly colored joyous world of animal cartoon characters, that safely parodies our own but where not much of anything really bad ever happens.  Kit and Kitty are a complete fanciful serving of happiness, including tiny everyday tidbits of touching sweetness to earth moving, life altering, surges of desire.

Kit and Kitty are about the happy and positive in romantic love. Their relationship is a well rounded healthy one. Each piece of artwork depicts a tender moment of mutual heartfelt connection. Kit is soft, caring, and tender, trying to satisfy the every need of his adoring mate. Kitty is his persistent, playful, wanting, and willing partner. They mutually fulfill their desire with healthy doses of joyous, passionate, sensual, and playful lovemaking.  This too perfect couple cannot get enough of each other and are not the least bit shy about sharing all the joy they possibly can with one another.

~ W.C. Fielstra-Krkoska