Kit and Kitty in Love
Contains some mature, positive sexual content
Illustrator/Author: Fielstra, W.C.
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0989122429
Publication Date: June 30, 2013, 1st Edition
Number of pages: 64
List price: $34.99

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Book Description: Kit and Kitty in Love is an illustrated ode to the joy of being in love, expressed through the playful and passionate romance of an impossibly perfect fox and vixen couple.

A celebration of love – that is the fundamental premise of Kit and Kitty. It is the stuff that provides a cosy glow, a happy tear, and a lump in the throat. Kit is soft, caring, and tender, trying to satisfy the every need of his adoring mate. Kitty is his persistent, playful, wanting, and willing partner. When they kiss in the rain, linger in bed, or splash in the tub, they are saying – “I really love you – and I love you unconditionally.” Each scene is a fanciful serving of happiness, including tiny everyday tidbits of touching sweetness to earth moving, life altering, surges of desire.

In the hustle-bustle of your life, Kit and Kitty will remind you how much fun it is to be in love. Play your favorite love song, snuggle, and fall heads over tails in love with Kit and Kitty. Learn more about this independently published book and its author, W.C. Fielstra, at


Kit and Kitty’s Untitled Graphic Novel
Currently in production Anticipated release in 2016
Kit and Kitty’s first graphic novel is for those looking for an intimate, happy story to accompany this matched set of foxy romantic fools.  My anthropomorphic couple was intended to be as timeless as love itself, and a plethora of possible stories come to mind whenever the subject of our most powerful emotion comes into play. Take a sneak peek at raw, unedited teaser content from the graphic novel being written as a sequel to the original picture book.