I am currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel to follow the original picture book. The sections below are first drafts, in their raw, unedited form.  Some sections contain sexual content describing the erotic feelings of the committed lovers.  Suitable for audiences as rated below.

Entry 1. Kit and Kitty’s Intimate Diary:  Who loves you now?  (PG-13)
Entry 2. Kitty’s back!  (PG-13)  
Entry 3.  Old Songs (R)
Entry 4.  Dressing Up  (R)
Entry 5: Order Something Exotic (PG-13)
Entry 6: We’ll Meet Again (R)
Entry 7: Leaving on a Jet Plane (R)
Entry 8: Motorcycle Kid (PG-13)

 What is it about?

Kit and Kitty’s first graphic novel is for those looking for a positive, happy story to accompany this matched set of foxy romantic fools.  My anthropomorphic couple was intended to be as timeless as love itself, and a plethora of possible stories come to mind whenever the subject of our most powerful emotion comes into play.

Written in unedited flash fiction format, the above entries are teaser content from the graphic novel being currently written as a sequel to the original picture book. It is free for your entertainment.  Copyright is exclusively held by W.C. Fielstra.  You can read it in any order, but reading in chronological order is recommended for best reading pleasure. Please enjoy and share, but do not reproduce without permission.



    • wcfielstra says:

      I apologize for this delay in responding. Over the last few months, I debated the diverse feedback of early reviewers including your heartening note. Kit & Kitty inspired diametrically opposite reactions, both genuine and reflective of the audience no doubt. Enough early previewers were similar to you, which has given me the resolve to continue to believe in Kit & Kitty as a positive and honest depiction of over-the-top love. Thank you for adding to the well of good vibes. I am back in action to take Kit & Kitty out to meet its audience. With help from my staunch supporter, my wife, the website is spiffy and in tune with the times. I will be returning to social networks very soon and resume blogging.

      Thus, the story will continue as a published graphic novel in 2015. I will be posting more artwork and teaser content, perhaps not in full form, but more than sufficiently to arouse curiosity about the book.

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