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Kit and Kitty in Love
Kit and Kitty in Love

Kit and Kitty in Love hardcover is now in pre-publication. Goodreads members and friends can enter the giveaway to get a loving gift for someone special.  With Kit and Kitty, you will be able to tell your sweetheart you are completely and madly in love, just like Kit and Kitty. They are never too busy or proud to express that they are heads over tails in love with each other. Vividly imagined and hand painted by W.C. Fielstra, Kit and Kitty in Love is an ode to love, to fill any romantic occasion with passion.

Who are Kit and Kitty? They are an anthropomorphic fox and vixen couple. A matched set of romantic fools who cannot get enough of each other. Each scene in the book depicts a tender moment of mutual heartfelt connection. Kit is always soft, caring, and tender, trying to satisfy the every need of his adoring mate. Kitty is his persistent, playful, wanting, and willing partner. They are in an all too perfect relationship, with only a little pain and almost no pride. When they kiss in the rain, linger in bed, or splash in the tub, they are saying, “I really love you – and I love you unconditionally.”

Why wait? Go ahead and express that you are heads over tails in love.

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Creating Kit and Kitty

Kit-and-Kitty-Hug-SketchKit and Kitty in Love is about the feeling of being in love.  I sketched up the whole concept back in the 1990’s, and the pencil drawings sat waiting in my files as life took me in other directions in all the years since.  Last summer, my first as a full time artist, I pulled out the collection and it was apparent the timelessness of the images remained as relevant as ever.  It looked well worth getting the emotions contained in the set out to the rest of the world. I took up the long task of adding color to a subset of the original collection that could best tell a story and most quickly instill the feeling of being in love.  I needed to update a few elements of technology depicted in the original art to keep up with the 21st century, but all else between my matched set of over the top too perfect romantic fools remained the same – as enduring as the age old feeling .

The soft tender mood called for a physical treatment, real colorful paint and brush stokes on real paper, rather than the all too sterile cleanliness that naturally flows from the expedience of digital art.  I fixed on gouache for the paint and 300lbs hot press arches for the base.  Grey ink lines, following my original drawings, and an occasional stroke of pastel, round out the effects.  Hand painting everything is what took up most of the last eight months, with layout and propagation taking up the remainder, but I feel the result was well worth it.  It is my first published book and the first of a series available on Kindle Amazon with more stores to follow.  Please keep up with the intimate life of Kit and Kitty on this website and soak up the good feelings permeating their not quite but almost perfect anthropomorphic world.

Romantic Note: Say Hello with a hug

Two long absent friends greeting with a hug knew they couldn’t be just friends anymore.

Fireworks, they get so clichéd these days but seeing them through her eyes is always something special.  Watching the colors on her face and seeing the farkles on the darks of her eyes, thats something to remember.  Another year, another celebration, she is still with you and you are still in love with her, watching the flashes shimmer and hearing the little explosions all over again.  Blue, red, yellow orange, green, indigo, violet, white – all the colors of light  played on a pallet of blackness.  Each a new mood, every moment a new surprise – just like her on a summer night.  Read the full intimate life entry when Kit and Kitty reunited.

Romantic Note: Never stop asking for a date

She was a flighty young vixen
He shy but persistent.

Always asking her for a date,  it may seem odd for well practiced couples, but it always added a liveliness to our love no matter how old and true.  The angst may finally go away, and you may both know that you’ve got each others hearts forever, but will the love of your life say yes to something new?  What fresh scheme this time around, what to sample again, what to never ask for?  All questions for finding out to add that spice of surprise far and away from the routine.  What’s the worse that could happen — she might maybe say no?  Brushing up an old act for a new sale, what could keep the charm more fresh than that?

Romantic Note (PG-13): Beaches

A clear day on a lonely beach, was there anyplace more meant for a pair of lovers than that — except perhaps on a bed with sheets?  Being with her on the soft shifting edge of land and sea.  In summer, the sand, the surf, the sea breeze on a warm pleasant day, what can make you both want to slip each other out of your clothes faster? Is there anything more uncomfortable than wet cloth against the skin on a hot day? In summer, wading arm in arm, going for a shallow swim, beach combing, sharing every find, leaving barefoot tracks on the shore, and scratching messages saying, “I love you” in the sand.
In winter, a big beach is a place for snuggling against each other in warm jackets before a cold brisk wind, taking in the sublime beauty of crashing swells, searching for treasures cast ashore from across the sea, and scratching more messages saying, “I love you” in the sand, before heading back to the seductive warm towels, sheets, and steamy baths waiting back at the room. It’s the stuff to remember forever, and all possible on the soft, ever changing edge of eternity, where oceans and continents collide.  Life would never be complete without sharing a kiss on a wide open beach.