Entry 7, Kit’s Intimate Diary (R): Leaving on a Jet Plane

Accompanies the original book “Kit & Kitty in Love” – contains some mature sexual content. Content may not be suitable for children.

Entry 7, Kit’s Intimate Diary (R): July 6th. Leaving on a Jet Plane

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The whole world looks different when looking through the eyes of love.

CC20130615A Leaving on a jet Plane

I’m in love, I have a love, and I’m loved. I know I always loved Kitty, from the day we met as little kids. I always knew she liked me, but never was I sure about the love part, until now. Today, I know that she always did too, but was just too scared of everything that meant. Now she wants all that too.

Everything is different this morning. The world has a cosy glow to it. It’s like there’s nothing that doesn’t make me feel good about anything, about her, about even what has been miserable me for the last decade. When I landed in Tucson two days ago, I doubted everything about me, I hated myself, and was cynical about all. Now I feel like all the universe was made just for me, just for us. It’s so selfish, I guess, but today I love everything and everyone.

A little hungry buzz fills my senses ever since she hugged me two days ago. Twitterpation, I don’t know if it’s a real word, but I sure know it’s exactly what I’m feeling. Every moment I feel this sense of tingly anticipation that makes everything look more than well. I pay the overpriced check for breakfast, I feel good. The elevator skips my floor, I feel good. The auto check-in stand goes out of order, I feel good. Standing in line after line, I feel good. I look at all the others in line and wonder who else has felt the same way too.

In the waiting area, I saw a cute little vixen holding onto her mother’s skirt with one hand and coddling a stuffed bear in the other. If I would have seen her two days ago, I would have thought about missing Kitty and felt a little tinge of jealousy for who was lucky enough to be her father. Today, I felt something entirely different, all warm and cuddly. I said “Hi” to her and she smiled back at me, her mom giving me a grin and prompting her with a, “What do you say?” Her daughter smiled and said, “Hi,” back to me, as she pressed herself even closer against her mom. Then, quite spontaneously, as children are prone to be, she ran over to me to show me her toy bear. I leaned down and put my hands on my knees. “My, what is his name?” I asked.

“Danny,” she replied.

“Does he like to fly?”

She looked confused, I guess, not really sure about what I asked. She started to dance with the bear. Her mom looked at me approvingly. A surge of emotion welled up in me and I wanted to be with Kitty right then, inside Kitty right then. I wanted to be the daddy, and today it all seemed possible, like everything else. As the airplane was pushed back from the gate, I regretted not making love to Kitty yesterday. She wanted to, and I held onto a chivalrous ideal I think ten years already made us grow past.

Any idle moment today, and my mind goes to thinking of Kitty, I want to think about and feel of only her. That smile, that shrug, her laugh, her teasing, her taunting, her frowns, her ups, her downs, but mostly her, “I love you too.” I stare out the window at the clouds, and I can only think of sharing them with Kitty. The guy next to me, why couldn’t he be Kitty? Why couldn’t we be sharing the lunch pack, I’m not even hungry, I just want to share it with Kitty. I have a tummy full of twittering butterflies and want to only snack on dreams of Kitty.

As a guy, I can honestly say that girls are the source of all our happiness. They really are in charge. When she’s happy, I’m happy, when she’s not happy, well that’s the part that drives me to keep her happy. I’m so ready for this, I guess I was ten years ago, when it was way too early. I wanted to struggle from nothing with her then, and that’s part of what scared her away. Please, I’ll order a big slice of life with all the trimmings, as long as it’s with Kitty.

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