Kit and Kitty’s Intimate Life Flash Fiction

Kit-and-Kitty's-Intimate-Life-LogoKit and Kitty’s intimate life flash fiction series is for those looking for a story to accompany this matched set of foxy romantic fools.  My anthropomorphic couple was intended to be as timeless as love itself, and a plethora of possible stories come to mind whenever the subject of the most powerful emotion comes into play.  I created Kit and Kitty as a cosy visual experience, to emote the many endearing feelings that go into any romantic love. In many ways, I did not want to provide a story for them, so anyone could project themselves into the roles of these two impossibly happy fools.

However, I also know most people love a story – a reality as old as humanity and must be addressed.  That is why I wrote the ode for the book and also why I am providing more story here in this online venue.  In the story, I’ve tried to follow the broad outline of the ode in the book.  The emotions and themes of Kit and Kitty are timeless, and I could have built their love around any place in history, only the settings, mechanics, and expectations would change.  I still need to pick some place to fix their general story, so I have chosen now, the contemporary world of the early 21st century. Occasionally, I will set the stories elsewhere in space and time, especially when my central couple find themselves acting, dreaming, or imagining that they are existing together somewhere else.

I admit it’s not the usual romance, this one gets right to the point.  Two characters who grew up together and, after a good while apart, come to find out how crazy in love they are with each other, making an absolute commitment to one another from almost the start of their reunion.  I’ve written this as flash fiction and the style of the writing will shift to everything from simple journal entires, to poems, to soliloquies, to full narratives – whatever is appropriate for conveying the emotions and all with the unpolished treatment to be expected of two characters thinking in the mental messiness that comes with being in love.  For now, this is meant to be a story about being in love, less the struggles of getting there – there’s lots of those stories out there already and I will eventually get around to filling in the back story to this one in time.

Kit and Kitty is a characterization of the human world.  Things many people would find intrusive  to look in on in the human world become endearing and enjoyable to witness in their characterized one.  It is never everything – but it’s a big part, and between Kit and Kitty, it is always very passionate, positive, and joyous.

Kit and Kitty’s Intimate Life Flash Fiction series

Entry 1. Kit and Kitty’s Intimate Diary:  Who loves you now?  (PG-13)  (PDF)
Entry 2. Kitty’s back!  (PG-13)  (PDF)
Entry 3.  Old Songs (PG-13) (PDF)
Entry 4:  Dressing up (R) (PDF)
Entry 5: Order Something Exotic (G) (PDF)


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