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Romantic Note: Never stop asking for a date

She was a flighty young vixen
He shy but persistent.

Always asking her for a date,  it may seem odd for well practiced couples, but it always added a liveliness to our love no matter how old and true.  The angst may finally go away, and you may both know that you’ve got each others hearts forever, but will the love of your life say yes to something new?  What fresh scheme this time around, what to sample again, what to never ask for?  All questions for finding out to add that spice of surprise far and away from the routine.  What’s the worse that could happen — she might maybe say no?  Brushing up an old act for a new sale, what could keep the charm more fresh than that?

Romantic Note (PG-13): Beaches

A clear day on a lonely beach, was there anyplace more meant for a pair of lovers than that — except perhaps on a bed with sheets?  Being with her on the soft shifting edge of land and sea.  In summer, the sand, the surf, the sea breeze on a warm pleasant day, what can make you both want to slip each other out of your clothes faster? Is there anything more uncomfortable than wet cloth against the skin on a hot day? In summer, wading arm in arm, going for a shallow swim, beach combing, sharing every find, leaving barefoot tracks on the shore, and scratching messages saying, “I love you” in the sand.
In winter, a big beach is a place for snuggling against each other in warm jackets before a cold brisk wind, taking in the sublime beauty of crashing swells, searching for treasures cast ashore from across the sea, and scratching more messages saying, “I love you” in the sand, before heading back to the seductive warm towels, sheets, and steamy baths waiting back at the room. It’s the stuff to remember forever, and all possible on the soft, ever changing edge of eternity, where oceans and continents collide.  Life would never be complete without sharing a kiss on a wide open beach.