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Kit and Kitty in Love
Kit and Kitty in Love

Kit and Kitty in Love hardcover is now in pre-publication. Goodreads members and friends can enter the giveaway to get a loving gift for someone special.  With Kit and Kitty, you will be able to tell your sweetheart you are completely and madly in love, just like Kit and Kitty. They are never too busy or proud to express that they are heads over tails in love with each other. Vividly imagined and hand painted by W.C. Fielstra, Kit and Kitty in Love is an ode to love, to fill any romantic occasion with passion.

Who are Kit and Kitty? They are an anthropomorphic fox and vixen couple. A matched set of romantic fools who cannot get enough of each other. Each scene in the book depicts a tender moment of mutual heartfelt connection. Kit is always soft, caring, and tender, trying to satisfy the every need of his adoring mate. Kitty is his persistent, playful, wanting, and willing partner. They are in an all too perfect relationship, with only a little pain and almost no pride. When they kiss in the rain, linger in bed, or splash in the tub, they are saying, “I really love you – and I love you unconditionally.”

Why wait? Go ahead and express that you are heads over tails in love.

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