“You can’t hurry love. You just have to wait.”

These words from a popular Phil Collins song sum up my experience with trying to promote Kit and Kitty.

Taking the advice of many experts on the web, I attempted to promote Kit and Kitty in Love on Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Goodreads, and Etsy.  This effort produced thousands of visits lasting barely a second or two, but little awareness or appreciation for the book.

In contrast, attempts at getting the printed book into real hands – friends, family, business associates, and a clutch of visitors at book fairs in Oregon, produced the desired reaction. When the book was in the right place at the right time, it surprised the readers and stirred an emotional response.  They used words such as “sweet,” “witty,” “sexy,” “a celebration of love,” “adorable ode to blooming love,” and “each page is a work of art.”

I created Kit and Kitty in Love to be savored slowly. It did not take well to the fast paced and fragmented environment of the web. The new year begins with earnest efforts to reach the shelves of 24 book and gift stores around the country. Places where people can linger over the book, and discover it at their own pace.  This will probably be no less challenging than the web based push strategy.  But if some willing booksellers can find a spot for Kit and Kitty on their shelves, it will be a good test for my theory.

Here goes.